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Reservations Management

Reservations management is an important procedure that can maximize the occupancy of your facility by allowing you to know exactly your position and giving the info needed to reach our target by maximizing your profits. Nowadays, technology is a major factor in reservations management. Using special tools we customize our services based on individual characteristics and needs.

In more detail:

  • We manage any business property management system.
  • We register and monitor reservations to the system.
  • We update availability according to occupancy.
  • We manage direct (phone and email) reservations
  • We deal with any question-complaints

Sales Management

Sales management can increase the revenue and competitive position of your accommodation. The procedure is based on individual characteristics and potential by focusing on the competitive advantages of your accommodation aiming to an increase of its popularity.

In more detail:

  • We analyze the characteristics and potential of your accommodation
  • We set goals and monitor
  • We create B2B and B2C price lists
  • We prepare ,negotiate and finalize contracts with tour operators and travel agencies

Distribution Systems- Online Travel Agencies

Distribution systems management aims to maximize exposure and profits for your accommodation by listing and managing it on the correct online travel agencies. Your online travel agencies presence is the first impression you give at potential customers.

In more detail:

  • We improve your web presence by listing your accommodation at the proper online travel agencies.
  • We research competition and create price lists.
  • We daily manage new entries
  • We confirm reservations and manage prepayments.
  • We constantly check and update the availability plan
  • We increase the competitive advantage of your accommodation with offers based on the strategy plan created

Competition Analysis

Competition and Performance Analysis is based on the analysis of revenues from previous years as well as competition allowing us to set realistic goals and make accurate projections.

In more detail:

  • We analyze previous uses
  • We study current competition and form reports.
  • We design and plan strategies that help us extend seasonality
  • We conduct monthly reports for sales and future estimations
  • We propose future actions and solutions tailor made for your business using modern tools (market search)

Revenue Management

Revenue Management and projection play a vital role for the sustainability and growth of your business. Our goal is to establish and plan in order to better your market position in the industry

  • We set the budget and revenue goals for your business
  • We form your pricing policies for every offered service and season
  • We forecast occupancy rates, demand and growth of your business for the next 3 years